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                   LGA2011(Intel sandy bridge E) Clipset for free

                         (Event for customer satisfaction with fixing bolt)

                                   thermolab customer satisfaction event


1.      Applicable model : BADA2010,TRINITY,BARAM2010,BADA,BARAM(supporting 1366 only)

2.      Serving parts : fixing bolt for LGA2011(Sandy bridge E)  

3.      Cost : free

4.      Transportation fee : free for distributor

5.      Serving period : 2011. 11. 07 2011.12.31

6.      Requesting :


Thermolab prepared cooler installing parts for LGA2011 that will be released 14th

November all over the world with Intel and Intel koreas advice and cooperations.

Thermal and structural stabilities also be guaranteed as it was before .


This parts will be useful for thermolab cooler customers and users and potential buyer.



With this installing parts users can

-         Use BADA products family with Sanybridge-E CPU full loaded  upto 150watt.



-         Use Trinity with Sanybridge-E CPU light overclocking upto 200watt



-         Use baram product family extreme overclocking upto 250watt



the overseas distributor can ask based on the serving period.







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How I can one copy of this clipset for my Thermolab Baram 2010 in Russian Federation?

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