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ThermoLab Co.,Ltd specialized in computer cooling solution released CPU Cooler BARAM2010.
BARAM2010 is follow-up model of BARAM which was spotlighted in performance and in price compared with world top class cooler.
BARAM2010 is following the concept "for cooling mania who want extreme performances".

The difference with BARAM in appearance,
BARAM2010 have THERMOLAB MARK on the top and the bottom fin, and the color of BASE and BASE COVER has changed cooper color from nickel color.
And the featueres in performances, BARAM2010(64fin) have more fins than BARAM(54fin) in order to have best performance with dual-fan. Also, precise process was added to BASE and base cover for best performance.
The person concerned in development  at  thermolab said that the heat-pipe cooler what is called world-top class has already reached the limit of improving. So some of products in market  were designed with immoderate clip-tension around 45~62kg that may impact on mainboard or CPU irreparable harm.
But, the BARAM2010 clip-tension is around 20kg. It’s for the system safety of users computer
Also, users can taste low noise with best-performance in dual fan
ThermoLab is preparing various reviews and field-test for supplying objective information to users and for being evaluated.

[Product Portfolio of ThermoLab]
Baram series : Baram, Baram2010
                               For cooling manias who want extreme performances(fit to the case-width over 190mm)
Bada series  : Bada, Bada2010
                              For high-end users expecting optimum cooling and compatibilities(fit to the case-width over 165mm)
Nano Silencer :
                              For slim-pc users, highest  products among equivalent model

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